Solarvibes Agricultural Technologies GmbH, Berlin Germany

Graphic design, UI/UX design

The internship at Solarvibes startup was my first experience as a professional graphic and UI/UX designer. There, I was responsible for complete redesign of UI/UX of Android app. Creation of unique infographics and presentations for investor pitches. Visual content creation and social media management for company Instagram and Facebook channels and design of brochures, posters and flyers.

Instagram Content

When I started, the startup completely lacked essential social media presence to help the brand gain new customers and investors.

To create Solarvibes’ image online I designed unique templates for informative posts that would form both an informative and aesthetic feed.

Posters and Brochures

Magazine product illustration

For posters, flyers and brochures I adapted the logo colour scheme because its dynamic tones are perfect for advertising modern innovative technology.

I maintained angular motives throughout my designs to promote the brands visual identity solidification and enhance the dynamics of colours contrasted with the “friendly” and inviting circular shape of the logo.

KPI Brochure Page 1
KPI Brochure Page 2

Vector Set

I had a lot of fun creating vector icon sets for infographics and presentations. It helped me learn my away around Illustrator and get a better understanding of vectors.

Working at Solarvibes gave me an invaluable first experience of being part of a startup with its energetic and ever changing workflow. I had a first encounter with Figma, where I was designing the application and which I shortly started navigating with absolute confidence. I also finally had a chance to implement my design skills on real life projects that were viewed by people. Lastly, having full autonomy on my projects taught me of task prioritisation, time management and prepared me for upcoming jobs at other companies.