Industry: Fintech

Field: UI/UX Design

Year: 2021

At Spotcap I was responsible for website and product UI redesign. My main focus was on enhancing the already established brand identity by modernising the colour palette and improving the outdated look and feel.

Whilst working on the project of redesigning the website, I learned a crucial skill of using HTML & CSS. This allowed me to add a more custom feel to the project and promote stronger brand identity.


Source Sans Pro (Regular)

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Source Sans Pro (Bold)

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Before & After

Home page redesign example

Bank Account Insights (BAI)

“Spotcap BAI is an off-the-shelf web service application that provides real-time in-depth bank account analytics on SMEs including a determination of an eligible credit limit, probability of default, profiling, adverse transaction categorisations, segmentation analysis and other factors.”



About BAI