Designflows 2021

Contest Organiser: Bending Spoons

Field: UI Design

Year: 2021

Designflows is a mobile UI design contest where competitors get 48 hours to complete the challenge based on a brief provided by the organisers. My design has unfortunately not been selected for the final round, but the work on this project was so fun, that I couldn't leave it out off my website!


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SF Pro Text
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The task was to create several screens and an icon for an app titled Homely.

The app was focused on tool rentals for “Do It Yourself” projects and its target audience was beginner DIY-ers.


I worked in Figma to create my final screen design and in Photoshop to draw custom illustrations.

Overall I found the challenge to be a great excercise in time management and brain-storming.


Below you can see the final result (styled accroding to requirements of the briefing) which was shared with Designflkows judges.