UI/UX design

At Medstsatus, I created production-ready UI/UX for both iOS and Android apps for the 2020 mobile release. I also completely redesigned the existing browser frontend graphical user interface and user flow, eventually providing graphic support for client branding for whitelabel desktop solution.

iOS & Android

Medstatus is a service that helps medical professionals find the right treatment fro their patients, get consultation on existing treatment or refer them to a different health care provider.

Both the app and browser versions take inspiration from a combination of a chat and a bank. The most important functionalities of the service are management of patients via communication with an AI bot and monetary transactions overview regarding those patients.

After establishing my main focus, I got to designing.

Since most people utilise their phones rather than computers, I started by first shaping up the mobile app to later mimic that design in the browser edition, thus creating a seamless experience where a user wouldn’t have to re-learn how the interface works.

UI elements

Following the latest trends, I maintained a minimal colour scheme, but to add some accent and individuality I decided to have a gradient header.

The button colour was giving me some trouble as the bright pink looked too overpowering, so to calm the design down I gradually tested different options until I came to a conclusion that a cool blue colour is the optimal solution and created a perfect contrast with other elements.

After being satisfied with and getting approval from the client of my iOS design, I proceeded to working on the Android version.

I don’t have Android users in close proximity, however the experience I gained during my first graphic, UI/UX design internship at Solarvibes where among other things I worked on an Android mobile application, was highly useful.

Patient list iOS & Android
Transactions list iOS & Android

Just as with the browser solution, I maintained the design as similar as possible, only adding minor tweaks to button styles and positions to better correspond to android interface standard.


Whilst creating the apps I was already thinking of how I could implement the same design for browser. 

I wanted the mobile page to emulate the app and the desktop window to be an expanded version of it. This was a rather simple task and I quickly implemented the outlook.

Browser version mockup

The next step was creating a whitelabel edition for European Medical Center & Hadassah Medical Skolkovo.

After looking at the websites of these medical centres I adapted their colour schemes onto the browser design and created my final solutions.

This was the first time I worked on UI/UX in such detail, producing a high-fidelity design ready for development. Working on this  project helped me not only deepen my knowledge of Figma and design principles but also improve my time management, as the deadliest for my tasks very short and almost instantly deployed into development for upcoming release.